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Telephone/Skype Testimonials

I had a phone consultation and found it to be most helpful. Dr. Nagler is excellent at listening and providing real helpful advice pertaining to your particular needs as each of us perceives tinnitus differently ... well worth the time!
G.R. (Georgia)

Recently had a phone consultation with Dr Nagler. Found it to be very helpful and hopeful. He walked me through Tinnitus and removed some of the fear, but more importantly, helped me navigate a path to improvement. My consultation was in depth, and he made sure that he answered all my questions.
M.S. (Kansas)

I had a very positive and informative telephone session with Dr. Nagler. I wanted a second opinion on TRT, as that was my path forward and he actually recommended CBT for tinnitus. He presents facts, not stories. He shares experience and given my consult, it was evident I did need help but perhaps not where I thought. He recommended a specialist for the CBT, and I'm moving forward, putting TRT on hold. My issues are really sleep and tinnitus, and sure, annoyance and awareness of it during the day. As he explained, how severe the experience may be for someone is a factor in the type of treatment recommended. There is hope. Life does go on, you will get better. You just need to be properly informed and take the leap to continue living your life. I highly recommend speaking with him if you, like me, simply had enough and don't really know what to truly try. You may be surprised to learn you're chasing the wrong thing :)
E.S. (Illinois)

I just had my Skype consultation with Dr. Nagler. I should tell you about it. I think, when tinnitus is REALLY bothering you, he is the best you can get. In my case he is. I don't regret anything about my consultation and EVERY dollar is VERY well spent. I promise you. I promise you for sure.
B.V. (The Netherlands)

I had a phone consultation today with Dr. Nagler. All I can say is WOW!!!! I have to admit, i was skeptical at first about talking over the phone. But Dr. Nagler's caring spirit comes through as you're speaking with him. He was able to answer every question I had, with sound advice. He is truly a kind and caring Doctor, that cares about people with "T". He takes his time to explain everything with great detail. His advice was spot on with my condition. I suggest you write down your top 3 questions to start with. If there is time left, you can move to the others. He's not into whining and moaning. He's there to get you to understand, there is life with "T", and you CAN move forward. So stick with the main areas that are bothering you. I really hope he continues helping people with "T" -- he has a gift from GOD and is a true blessing.
C.S. (Tennessee)

I had my Skype consultation yesterday with Dr. Nagler as I wanted a second opinion on my situation and I believe it was very helpful. He explained all about tinnitus in his very unique way, he answered all my questions and he recommended a strategy for overcoming it. Overall, it was well worth the time and the money. I strongly advise anyone who is not able to be examined by a tinnitus specialist to have a phone or Skype consultation with Dr. Nagler instead as a starting point. For now, I'll follow his advice and we'll see how things go. I feel quite positive. Thank you doctor.
D.K. (Greece)

My Skype consultation with Dr. Nagler was on Monday, and I must say it was extremely helpful. I now know that I am l on the right track, and that I will not necessarily need to do TRT - which is something I would have needed to travel from Germany to the UK for. Instead, I am now working with The Henry and Wilson Book, and am very confident that will be able to habituate. Thank you very much, Dr Nagler!
E.B. (Germany)

My telephone conversation with Dr. Nagler was was very informative. He took the time to answer every single question and concern I had. For the first time throughout this ordeal I felt like someone actually was listening and offered good suggestions. Thank you so much doctor!
O.P. (Pennsylvania)

Dr. Nagler: I was thinking of you the other day and thought I should drop you a line and thank you for helping me a few years ago. At the time, I thought my life was over and I was never going to get through it. But here I am, my life is not over and I have gotten through it. It took a little time and I am still not a big fan of tinnitus, but ... it rarely affects me now. So thank you very much for helping me get to that point and you can use me as an example of someone who didn't think they could make it, but they did.
G.A. (Georgia)

My first an hour long video consultation with Dr. Nagler had helped me GREATER than two month worth of everyday internet searching and visiting multiple medical professionals. He understands what we are all going through as a patient, and provide you practical/proven advises and guidance based on his life long experience both as an medical expert and tinnitus patient. He is a living example! Thank you for the excellent work, Dr. Nagler!
A.C. (South Korea)