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We diagnose and treat tinnitus and provide lasting relief.
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Welcome to, presented by Peachtree Hearing. We're dedicated to offering exceptional tinnitus care and insights, helping the millions affected by this prevalent condition. Our expert audiologists, Dr. Melissa Wikoff and Dr. Alex Culberson, provide a profound understanding of tinnitus, from its various causes to its impacts on daily life. We're here to deliver personalized, cutting-edge treatment options that cater specifically to your needs.

Tinnitus, commonly described as ringing, buzzing, or whooshing in the ears, affects about 45 million Americans and is one of today's most common health issues. While it can range from a mild nuisance to a severe disruption affecting daily activities, our team at Atlanta Tinnitus by Peachtree Hearing views tinnitus as a treatable symptom, not an inevitable part of life. Conditions ranging from age-related hearing loss to exposure to loud noises, or even underlying issues like sinus pressure or cardiovascular problems, can all contribute to tinnitus.

We are committed to providing relief through comprehensive evaluations, advanced treatments such as the FDA-approved Lenire device, and tailored management plans. Our website is a treasure trove of valuable information, offering detailed insights into both subjective and objective tinnitus, a thorough glossary from the American Tinnitus Association, and the latest advancements in tinnitus research and treatments.

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Whether you're encountering tinnitus symptoms for the first time or have been dealing with them for years, is your ally in navigating towards a clearer, more enjoyable life. Explore our site to deepen your understanding of your symptoms, uncover potential causes, and find effective treatment options. Let us guide you to better hearing and a significantly improved quality of life. Reach out today, and take the first step towards the relief you deserve.

Our Specialized Services

Comprehensive Tinnitus Evaluation, Sound Therapy, Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, Lenire by Neuromod, Counseling & Support

Explore Our Specialized Services for Tinnitus and Hearing Care

At Peachtree Hearing, we understand that each case of tinnitus is unique. That's why we offer a comprehensive array of specialized services tailored to meet the specific needs of our patients. From initial diagnosis to advanced treatment options, our dedicated team is equipped to handle all aspects of tinnitus and hearing care.

Diagnostic Excellence: Begin your journey with a thorough audiological evaluation using state-of-the-art equipment to accurately assess your hearing and tinnitus. Our evaluations include detailed tests such as pitch and loudness matching, and an assessment of your ability to mask or inhibit tinnitus, providing a solid foundation for your treatment plan.

Innovative Treatment Options: Discover the relief possible through cutting-edge technologies and personalized care plans. We are proud to be Georgia’s exclusive provider of the Lenire device, a groundbreaking solution with proven efficacy in tinnitus treatment. Additionally, we offer a range of other treatments including hearing aids, masking devices, and tinnitus retraining therapy.

Holistic and Supportive Care: Beyond traditional treatments, we understand the importance of comprehensive care. Our services extend to lifestyle adjustments and counseling, helping you manage not just tinnitus but also the impact it has on your life.

Brought to you by Peachtree Hearing

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